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Innovative Healthcare
This product is the StethoCloud: AIoT Wearable Stethoscope
This product is the gMOT Cloud: AIoT Dynamic Motion Sensor
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Protect Your Health
Anytime & Anywhere

dBio's Exercise & Health Mangament Platform

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dBio's solutions are extraordinary and our R&D team will continue to build new solutions

that will propose an innovative direction to numerous industries.

Company's Mission

Decentralized Biotechnology Intelligence Co., LTD is dedicated to the development and promotion of AIoT systems for health shielding. Our mission is to protect human health by using the newest AIoT and sensing technology, while simultaneously providing the best user experience to our customers. We aim to develop, integrate, and promote the newest technology, as well as collect a variety of health metrics. These health metrics are further analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms to predict future health conditions and evolving trends. 
dBio strives to enhance the quality of life and health!