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AIoT 다이나믹 모션 센서

The smart insole sensor unlike any other! These innovative smart insoles accurately detect movement, allowing users to access complete and detailed data about their foot pressure, center of gravity, exercise intensity, and caloric expenditure.

  1. The smart insole sensors are thin and comfortable, creating no foreign body sensation when worn

  2. The smart insole sensor have a 24-hour wearable sensor, producing a comprehensive daily record of instantaneous speed for the user.

  3. The corresponding mobile app updates and records data instantly, while also providing relevant analyses and training-related suggestions. Users can access past data to compare it with current performance to optimize training.

Exercise Intensity Sensing

The intensity of each exercise is tracked and measured by the energy expended during the workout. Each exercise is given an intensity rating, which allows users to better understand their workouts, while also providing a quantifiable way for users to track their progress

Exercise Management Analysis:

Distance, Speed, & Pedometer: Track the speed, distance traveled, & number of steps taken for walking and running exercises.

Caloric Expenditure: Calculate the number of calories burned during an exercise.

Data History & Analysis: Compare past data and analyses

Gait Analysis

Stability monitoring: The smart insoles assess the user’s stability and balance by sensing the center of pressure (COP) in both feet

Foot pressure: The smart insoles measure the average pressure in each food to help users understand their health status and risk of injury

Instantaneous Speed

For high-intensity sports such as 100 metres race, the smart insoles accurately capture data every 20 milliseconds. The detailed data allows users to analyze every aspect of every 20 milliseconds of their workouts, providing them a comprehensive understanding of their exercise programs.


gMOT Cloud

AIoT 다이나믹 모션 센서

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