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AIoT Wearable Stethoscope


AIoT Wearable Stethoscope

dBio's Wearable Intelligent Stethoscope an intelligent drive that detects and records users' heartbeat status throughout the day. The sensor is used to visualize heartbeat charts and provide users with a better understanding of their health, however it is also designed to alert users in case of an abnormality and to call emergency services in the event of an emergency. The sensor itself is unique because it is a thin and compact device that can be worn in many ways; for example a user could place it in a T-shirt or it could be taped to the users chest, to maximize comfort and flexibility for the users preference.

Recording & Real-time Monitoring

Provide accurate heart sound signals by filtering noise through AI algorithms.


The data can be recorded and transferred to a database for analysis of long-term health trends seamlessly. 

Notification Alerts

When irregularities are deteced from the heart sound, the user's preset contacts such as the user's personal doctor or family memebers we recieve notifications on their mobile device.

Ultra-Slim & Comfortable

Only weighing 15 grams, extremely thin and lightweight sensor that is integrated into fabric of clothing for a lightweight sensation when worn; no foreign object can be felt when worn. 

The device can be worn 24 hours a day to keep track of heart sounds and patterns to create a better understanding of your health

AI Analysis

Combined with the time-series artificial intelligence algorithm, it not only analyzes the long-term health trend of heart sounds but also accurately detects abnormal conditions in real-time.


Generate health management reports to achieve self-health management purposes and real-time abnormality alerts.

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